A designer who paints

Joe Duffy

A painter who designs


I’ve been a graphic designer for over 40 years. What brought me into the design world was my love of “fine art” from a very early age. I couldn’t make a living painting pictures, after marrying and having a child, so design became my way forward in art.

I’ve always brought my sense of fine art to my design work. I see the two as far closer in thought and application than most designers or fine artists do. I think it shows in my work from both perspectives.

I love painting portraits and telling the story of the subject in a similar way that I create a story when I design a brand. Art is storytelling - color, texture, shapes and words express the subject’s uniqueness.

I do commissioned portraits for people and work with them to understand their story before I paint. The first section of this site shows the commissioned portraits I have created.

The rest of the paintings shown here are ones I have done based on my love of the Desert Southwest and the North Country where I spend my time. The Native American portraits tell the stories of these people and their love of the land. Their visual expression pay homage to where they live. All of these paintings are for sale.

I’ve also started working with Karl Herber, a fine art photographer and printer, to create limited edition prints of some of my art.

Please contact me at if you have an interest in any of the above. Thanks.

* Special thanks to my friend Peter Beck for all the photography. 

Limited Edition Prints


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